What is chiptuning

CHIPTUNING is a modification of the engine control program aimed at improving the effectiveness of its work with a view to user preferences! Engine Control Unit (hereinafter abbreviated as ECU) if directly responsible for the full range of its work. Engine to run properly controls fuel and ignition doses and corrects them on the basis of the sensors such as lambda probes, temperature sensors, engine speed, the pressure in the intake manifold, etc.

As many “experts” emerged on the automotive market who upload a ready-made software (often with different numbers from the controller!) we inform you that any soft processed by us is made individually for each car! Cars consume at different rates, so upload the finished program to a less worn out car may not produce the expected benefits and to the more worn out car can damage the engine or components of the car! The next thing is the quality processing software. We have seen many softwares modified by amatures in a way that only harms the engine and turbocharger! The philosophy of our modification is the same as other top tuning companies in Poland, but we do it for a much lower price!


Each test modifications carried out to date on our chassis dynamometer, so we are able to choose the engine parameters so that they correspond to the state of your car. At any time we are able to read the vehicle parameters and the course of torque, allowing the modification becomes necessary optimization.


Software modifications are made from the original software of your vehicle!

This causes no undesirable side effects! Any adapted systems in your car will continue to work without complaint or any control ECU, EGR, etc. will not light! Only modifying your original software gives you the certainty! Do not be fooled by seasonal vendors offering junk software often supplied as a gift when purchasing interfaces!

You do not know what computer (ECU) you have in the car? Check here: TYPES OF COMPUTERS (ECU)

EDC15800€Cars produced until 2003
EDC161000€Cars produced after 2002
EDC17/Siemens/ Delphi/Turbobenzyny1200€

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