Dynamometer 4x4
Main parameters
Measurement mode resistor
Max torque 1000+ Nm
Max power 1300+ HP

We would like to inform you that since October 2014, we enable measurements on 4×4 dynamometer load using an eddy current brake. Upgraded dyno will allow us to perform even more detailed analysis of engine operating parameters and help with more complex projects. DynoProject 4×4 4WD allows load measurements DP4L power and torque powered cars on two axes (front and rear).

Measuring stress on the chassis dynamometer 4x4 - using an eddy current brake has a definite advantage over the inertial dyno
It simulates conditions on the road – the car is loaded, the measurement lasts longer – as if the car accelerates on the road, so this measurement is more accurate.
The measurement accuracy and its duration allows you to collect actual engine operating parameters during diagnosis which is an indispensable element of chiptuning.
The load generated by the eddy current brake helps us raise turbochargers work in a controlled manner, so that the modifications we carried out are tested in different conditions, so we are sure that modification will be safe in extreme conditions.
The vehicle enters the dyno. Elevator leaves the car to roll and unlocks it
The vehicle is aligned with the axis, and then attached to the test bench using belts
Gear ratio and drive are tested. Information is entered into the dynamometer program. Fans start blowing
The vehicle is speeding to the desired rotation (usually – to the so-called. “cutoff”)
The measurement result is presented on the screen
Dyno test

You receive a printout or file with vehicle’s power and torque graph.

Dyno test with engine diagnosis (LOGS)

You will receive a printout of the dyno results and analysis of operating parameters of the vehicle, ie. turbochargers work, flow meter, timing of injections, the state of the DPF etc. REMEMBER THAT MEASURES ARE PERFORMED BY PROFESSIONAL TUNER WHO KNOWS HIS STUFF AND KNOWS WHAT HE DOES ;-)

One axel120€
Two axels200€
One axel190€
Two axels250€

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