Citroen C8 2.0 HDi 120 KM 88 kW

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With chip tuning Citroen C8 2.0 HDi 120 KM 88 kW - will improve the performance of the car will increase the power of the engine and its torque. In addition, working efficiently drive unit enables fuel economy while maintaining a similar driving style. Chip tuning Citroen C8 2.0 HDi 120 KM 88 kW can be done in two ways, through the diagnostic connector OBD2 or after removing the computer control - ECU. Increasing the power Citroen C8 2.0 HDi 120 KM 88 kW is done by reprogramming the original map of the engine, so there are no hazards associated with compatibility and unstable operation, as is the case with ready-made programs of unknown origin. Citroen C8 2.0 HDi 120 KM 88 kW vehicle is prone to chip tuning, and the results of our work, we confirm the chart of professional chassis dynamometer stress 4x4 brands Dyno Project. The results of research vehicles before and after modification to increase the power, really show the benefits of chiptuning.

Series Stage 1
Power: 120 HP 143 HP (+23)
88 kW 105 kW (+17)
Torque: 290 Nm 385 Nm (+95)
Top speed: 160 km/h 164 km/h (+4)

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